The Summit Transmitter Development Kit (Dev Kit) is designed to speed the development of audio systems that include a Summit Wireless Transmitter Module for the development of speakers based on any Summit Receiver Modules. Using this Dev Kit, engineers can begin firmware work immediately, before any custom hardware is ready. The Dev Kit’s main board provides all the required power, reset/control, and I2S audio connectivity for the Summit Transmitter Modules. Connecting I2S (or optional analog) audio and starting a session on the included Raspberry Pi credit-card-sized computer is about all that is required to begin using the Dev Kit.


  • Provides power & reset functionality
  • I2S input header (eight audio channels)
  • Optional 8 channel ADC board
  • ​I2C header allows for control of the Tx Module using the Summit Wireless I2C API
  • UART output for debug logs
  • Buffered I2S output for I2S monitoring



  • Summit Wireless SWM908 (XD or SD) Tx Module with integrated antenna
  • Summit Wireless Development Kit digital interface board
  • External power supply
  • Raspberry Pi Model B credit-card-sized computer
  • Raspberry Pi to digital interface board control cable
  • USB AC – 5 VDC adapter
  • Assembled on Plexiglas base