The Summit SWS997SD Rx Module, 4 Integrated Antennas – is a compact, production-ready module designed to mate with the amplifier in active speakers in a Summit Wireless Technology HD audio solution. The Summit Receive Module includes a patent-pending, low-cost, integrated high-gain quad-diversity PCB antenna, which provides superior wireless performance without external antennas. A 2×24, 100 mil standard header provides I2S digital audio, power, and control signals for the amplifier and power supply.


  • 24 RF channels, 5-5.8 GHz operation
  • Stereo I2S output
  • 5.1 ms/2.6 ms fixed audio latency source to speaker
    ​(48 kHz/96 kHz sample rates, respectively)
  • ±1 μs inter-channel (speaker-to-speaker) delay
  • Integrated high-gain quad-diversity PCB antenna
  • Pre-certified module – FCC part 15, DFS, WiSA
  • Support for Speaker and DAC applications



​Audio Sampling Rates
Latency (I2S source to RX output)
Inter-channel Delay Error
Frequency Band
Power Consumption
Receive Distance


70mm x 45mm
​24-bit audio: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, and 96 kHz audio rates supported
Fixed 5.1 ms @ 48 kHz sample rate, 2.6 ms @ 96 kHz sample rate
±1 μs (Speaker-to-speaker timing skew)
U-NII 5.1 – 5.8 GHz, 24 non-overlapping channels (varies by country), DFS support
3.3 VDC @ 250 mA (typical); 1.2 VDC @ 185 mA (typical)
Designed for use in 9 x 9 m (30’ x 30’) rooms
FCC Part 15 & DFS for US/Canada, EU, Japan, Australia/New Zealand;

Summit Wireless Technology Overview

​Summit’s wireless network operates in the uncongested bands of the 5 GHz spectrum previously reserved for radar and weather applications but still strictly enforced.    These offer virtually interference free operation unlike over-crowded WiFi and Bluetooth networks.    The Tx is continually scanning all 24 RF channels, and should its current channel experience poor QoS, then it will coordinate a Tx/Rx hop to a pre-selected open band without interrupting the audio stream.