Wireless Modules

Summit TX-SD

Summit’s transmit module is perfect for in room applications such as TV’s, AVR’s, and other audio solutions. Read more

Summit RX-SD

Summit’s receive module is perfect for in-room speakers or amplifiers. Read more

Summit THX RX Module

Summit approved by THX Rx module with built in programmable bi-quad digital filters​ for in room speakers.

Summit Discovery Module

Summit transceiver module delivers cost savings  for entry level home entertainment systems, targeting soundbars, TVs, surround and subwoofer applications. Read more

Reference Platforms

TX Dev Kit

This dev kit has a variety of interfaces for test equipment or application processors to evaluate the audio performance or start development. Read more

WiSA Ready USB Transmitter

LG Innotek’s Summit transmitter with USB interface.   Delivers uncompressed 24-bit, 96 kHz audio for any  in-room application. Read more

30 Watt Amp

The Summit 30W amp reference design includes a SMPS and can be configured as a mono 30W amp or stereo 2x15W. Read more

DAC board

The Summit DAC reference design converts I2S audio from the Summit RX module to line level analog audio outputs. Read more