Our Consumer Audio solutions are designed for Stereo or Multi-channel  systems demanding high resolution, tight synchronization and low latency


Upgrade your television product line with an integrated Summit transmitter, or external  USB transmitter to provide high fidelity audio that matches the same quality of video provided by your products. A single remote is all you need to control both the audio and video. Summit wireless  enables consumers to scale their system from stereo to 7.1.  With WiSA certified products, your customers can choose speakers from a variety of interoperable brands.

AVR, HTiB, Audio Hub, Game Console

 Audio Video Receivers with a Summit transmitter built in or an external USB transmitter, provides consumers the flexibility and simplicity to combine both wired and wireless speakers into a single system.  Summit wireless is the only technology supporting low fixed (2.6 ms) latency critical for Gaming, and uncompressed 96 kHz audio sample rates demanded by audiophiles.


No more ugly speaker wires to conceal  –​  setup is as simple and effortless as plugging your speakers into an electrical outlet. Summit technology delivers 24 bit uncompressed 96 kHz digital audio from the source directly to the digital amplifier without loss of fidelity.  Fixed latency as low as 2.6 ms prevents audio/video lip sync problems and provides the highest quality gaming experience available. Click here for a list of WiSA Certified Speakers.

Designed for WiSA

Summit is a founding member of the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association. Our modules are designed to fully support the WiSA interoperability requirements. The WiSA Association was created to provide an interoperability compliance program for speaker brands and manufacturers of CE devices. Consumers purchasing products bearing the WiSA logo can be confident that these products will work together flawlessly in the home theater environment.
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